Daddy gets hacked

Millions of domains worldwide are managed by the American web host GoDaddy. However, it has been reported that most of these websites went down on Monday.  Although someone on Twitter expressed the belief that this disruption of service was cause an the Anonymous, such claims cannot be confirmed as of yet. Luckily, GoDaddy team was efficient enough to put most of the websites back online pretty soon.

The Twitter account (@AnonymousOwn3r) that claimed Anonymous to be responsible for taking down GoDaddy’s server said that “all servers” had been taken down. The account claims to be the “security leader” within Anonymous, but then it went on to claim, that the attack was carried out by himself alone, and the organization had nothing to do with it. Well, someone just can’t make up his mind, can he?

GoDaddy’s side said that they had a “busy day”, considering the number of inquiries they received from their customers. They identified the attack and Rick Ferguson, the director of security research at GoDaddy, said that a denial-of-service attack was effective despite the fact thait was a “blunt instrument”. They are not exactly sure of how everything was staged, but the investigation is being carried on.

It’s not the first time Anonymous was associated with hacking or bringing down major websites. There are many loosely based groups of hackers that hide behind this name, as well as Lulzsec – an off-shot of Anonymous. Lulzsec was responsible for hacking into Sony Pictures last year and leaking thousands of personal details online. I remember this incident, and my opinion is the same as last year – with the concept of Internet police basically impossible to realize without breaking basic human rights, we definitely won’t stop seeing Anonymous in the near future.


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