New iPod touch – excited much?

With the release of iPhone 5 just around the corner, Apple’s also going to throw in a brand new iPod touch, to match the new phone. It is rumored that the top-end iPod touch will have a larger screen and will look like a definite iPhone 5 counterpart. You might also ask – what about the current iPod touch that has been tweaked just recently? Well, apparently both iPods are going to be there luring the customers, because with the new iPod touch out, Apple will be able to offer the older version at a lower price. Now ain’t that smart?

A lot of details about the new product are still unclear, because Apple has always been known for its secrecy and multiple rumors surrounding its products. However, from what various informants were able to gather it would seem that the new iPod touch should be released in “multiple versions”. Yet again, nobody really knows what it means. Will it be released in multiple colors? Will there be multiple designs? Does it refer to the size of iPod touch’s memory storage?

Whatever it might be, it seems that Apple is serious about the renewal of its product-line, the rumor has that iPod nano is also up for a significant redesign, and people are saying that the device is going to become longer. At the same time iPod shuffle will also be updated, but it’s not going to be something major. In the meantime, we just have to wait and see what iPod touch is going to show us, as the whole lineup is supposed to be revealed on September 12th. I’m not really a fan of Apple, but it’s really funny to see my friends rush to Apple stores whenever something’s new is released so I sense, I’m up for a good laugh this time as well.


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