Sony for $25.000… Eep!

Or, to put it in other words, it’s 3 cents per pixel because that’s the price of the newest Sony XBR-84X900 TV. The massive 4K 3D TV is said to have four times more pixels than the usual HD TV. The 84-inch XBR-84X900 boasts of 3.840×2.160. Now I would insert a curse word here to emphasize just how BIG the TV is, but let’s try and stay away from obscenities. Let’s get back to the huge-*** TV (there, I’ve almost said it).


Sony said that the customers who do have $25.000 to spare (there are people who don’t make that in a YEAR) can order the new TV now, although it won’t appear in stores until November. However, apart from the price that would scare away the usual buyers, there’s also another problem Sony has to face – there are basically no videos shot in 4K (4000 pixels). Also, the 4K resolution is very hard to perceive. It is too high, unless you actually sit right in front of the screen. And since it is a passive 3D TV, there is no need for synchronization or any batteries. If you have Sony XBR-84X900 and want to watch 3D TV, all you need is the glasses.


Sony hopes that over time all TVs are going to switch into the 4K resolution, but hopefully the price also drops over time, because no way am I slaving at work just to buy this huge telly!


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