Nokia fights back

Remember Nokia 3310? It was probably the most popular phone in the world. I had it. I bet you all had it too. My most favorite feature was that you could throw it into the wall and it would still work. Sweet! However, with all the buzz about iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxies Nokia’s been struggling to survive lately. The Finnish company used to be the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in world, and it will try to get back at least a bit of the market share it has lost by launching a new Windows phone.


Nokia Lumia 920 is going to be released today and it will be running on Windows 8. The reason why the first joint Windows phone did not take off as expected was because a lot of customers where waiting for Windows 8, so with Lumia 920 Nokia hopes to get its fortunes back. To be honest, judging from photos and demos Lumia 920 seems to be pretty sleek and I would like to try out the phone, but personally it is Windows 8 that freaks me out. Perhaps I’m too used to Android already?

Nevertheless, who says we can’t try out some innovative Finnish phone? I mean, it comes with such quirks as bold primary colors (green please) and the ability to charge wirelessly. Now ain’t that neat! I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of all the wires I have for my Samsungs and LGs – I have to keep them in a separate bag!


Anyway, I’m curious to see whether Lumia 920 can deliver. Because you know, Nokia’s been around for a while and it’s kind of sad to see it fall from grace, considering it was doing great back in my high school days. Nokia says that it will try to fight back with “a new range of tablets and “hybrid” mobile devices.” Well, let’s wait and see.


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