I’ve got my eye on U

What would you say if you could control your TV with just one movement of your eye? I’d say SWEET. Although I have to admit it’s a little bit disturbing, because, you know, I can’t say I keep my attention focused on my TV all of the time when it’s on. Well, either way, the point that matters is that there actually IS a TV that does that, and such Gaze TV was revealed in Berlin. This was created by Haier using an eye-tracking technology developed by a Swedish firm called Tobii.


So basically it works like this – you stare at the top or bottom of the screen and poof, here comes the user-interface. From there, they say, the users can control the volume, switch channels, and modify other settings just by staring at the respectable user-interface icons. Although the creators admit that Gaze TV is just a mere prototype and there are still a lot of glitches present, they are confident enough to claim that sooner or later the Gaze TV will become an alternative to the good ol’ remote control. I guess it adds up to the ever-growing group of smart TVs that offer hand motion or voice controls, but you know, as far as these new technologies go, they still cannot beat the traditional remote control. Although I should say, if the voice control is perfected enough to meet the requirements of each and everyone of us, I guess it could be pretty neat.

Nevertheless, as far as the eye-control is concerned, your gaze could be used not only on TV, but on other daily appliances as well. According to the information on Tobii, the company created their products in order to help people with disabilities control their computers. So, even if this technology is still very expensive, if computers can be controlled with one glance, why can’t cars, video games or your lawn mover? I guess, if you have a technology company like Haier that is inclined on developing futuristic concepts and designs, who knows, after a few years I might as well be writing this blog with a blink of an eye (literally).


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