Samsung > Apple

Or so it says. Because apparently Samsung has overtaken Apple in phone shipments according to the data of the second quarter. But, remember when I was talking about people waiting for iPhone 5? Well, that might be one of the reasons why Samsung is doing so good right now. Especially as Samsung has released its Galaxy S III and it has sold more than 10 million copies over the last 2 months.

According to experts the main difference between Samsung and Apple phone models is that Samsung uses the so-called “shotgun” strategy. It means that there are many phone models and each of them covers a wide range of market segments. On the other hand, Apple releases only a small number of high-profile models, and as far as the shipment numbers go, it seems like Samsung’s strategy is taking over at the moment. With Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III Samsung managed to grab 32.6% of the market share, breaking the 50 million unit mark which now becomes a new smartphone quarterly shipment record.

Yet, once again, experts are cautiously reminding everyone that the “new iPhone is coming”. Even I have seen my friends tweet wondering whether they should get the new Galaxy or just wait for iPhone. Some people actually want to get the new things as soon as possible, but when you see them hesitating and actually waiting for something that might come out only after a few months, it really makes you think. I mean, Samsung is winning at the moment and all, but if the new iPhone 5 proves to be something amazing and meets everyone’s expectations, then who knows. Perhaps a few months from now we will be looking at a new quarterly record thinking that Samsung’s numbers weren’t so impressive after all. Well, let us just wait and see.


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