Live Security Platinum Virus. Wait… virus?

Actually Live Security Platinum isn’t a virus, but let’s call it like that for simplicity’s sake. In reality Live Security Platinum is a rogue antispyware program, but a lot of people don’t really understand how grave the situation is unless you say “virus”. So here you go, remove Live Security Platinum virus from your computer or suffer the terrible consequences. Does that sound intimidating enough? I bet no matter how much you emphasize the damage something like this infection can cause there will always be people who just ignore everything and simply allow the rogue to consume their system.

Do you want to be one of them? I guess not. The key in dealing with Live Security Platinum virus is to relax and think clear. If you panic you will allow this rogue to achieve its purpose and it will be even more successful than all the other infection that have come before it (like Smart Protection 2012 or Smart Fortress 2012). And you know, the years go by, but rogue applications still crave for one thing only – money. So when Live Security Platinum virus “kindly” asks you to purchase the license so it could take care of all the viruses that are plaguing your system, stop and think again – is it really them “viruses”? Isn’t it just one “virus”? Naturally, with Live Security Platinum virus along, you are most likely to have a bunch of Trojans or other similar infection, because malware comes in packs. They’re like hyenas.

Yet, as long as you do not lose your calm, everything should be ok. Also, it would be great if you ignored all the fake security notifications from Live Security Platinum virus:

Live Security Platinum Warning
Live Security Platinum has found viruses at your system.
We highly recommend to get license for Live Security Scanner to remove harmful software now.

Live Security Platinum Warning
Spyware.IEMonster process is found. This is virus that is trying to send your passwords from Internet browser (Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook & others) for the third-parties.
Click here to protect your data with Live Security Platinum.

This program is obnoxious enough to find an explanation and blame other non-existent infections for various symptoms your system is experiencing. Slow computer, inability to load various programs and so on – it’s all caused by Live Security Platinum virus. The rogue basically bullies you into buying this worthless product and if you don’t well guess what – it actually locks you out of your PC.

However, do no fret! There’s a way to outsmart Live Security Platinum virus:


If you copy the code above into the rogue’s registration window, it cancels out all the annoying messages and other symptoms. This activation key actually gives you some time to take care of Live Security Platinum virus. It doesn’t really matter how you do it – manually or automatically, as long as you erase Live Security Platinum virus for good, you can be sure that all rogue removal methods are acceptable.


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