Tweets all in 1? Where do I sign in?

You know, I’m a Twitter addict and I find myself thinking sometimes how great it would be, if I could browse my tweets or have them stored somewhere, because despite my manias and obsessions, my tweets can tell me what mood I was in on a particular day and so on. It’s like a mini diary only you don’t have to spend much time managing it (as it happens in case you have a blog, well *points at self*). So, what would you know, Twitter has finally announce it that IS working on a specific tool that would allow use to have all our old tweets saved. According to Twitter’s CEO Dick Cotolo, the company is working on a tool that would allow us to have all of our tweets exported. If this works out, we will be able to have our tweets downloaded in a file. Ain’t that neat!

In a sense, Twitter is lagging behind in this area, because if you’re a Facebook user, you can download a file with all of your data already. It’s funny how it works, because even though Twitter itself doesn’t have the function yet, there are various third-party publishers offering applications that would allow you to roam through chunks and pieces of your tweets. You see, as of now, if you use Twitter you can go back only by a couple of thousands of your tweets. But imagine, if you could go back to the very first tweet of yours and then see how your tweets changed over time! Hilarious. And yes, just like I’ve said. Mini diary.

The reason why Twitter has decided to build that kind of tool is that the service has grown into something enormous. There are more than 140 million active users the amount of tweets posted daily is huge. That is why there is a separate team of engineers working on this tweet-retrieval tool right now, because even though the idea seems to be simple enough, the tool itself requires “a good amount of manpower and ingenuity”. Well, whenever you’re ready. I’ll be waiting.


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