Patience is virtue?

Seems like Apple would not be too eager to agree with the old saying, keeping in mind that the patience of its biggest fans might be the reason behind the slowest profit growth in more than two years. Apply relies a lot of iPhone, because that is its biggest source of revenue. Current models are no longer breaking sensations, so the sales aren’t as satisfying as before. Especially as everyone is eager to get their hands on iPhone 5.The completely redesigned model is said to be released around October and it is already predicted to become the best-selling smartphone.

Let’s do some comparing: Apple sold 35.1 million iPhones in the previous quarter, while the estimated figure for the ongoing quarter is roughly 25.4 million. Naturally, the situation might seem pretty bad, especially considering the fact that Apple’s greatest rival Samsung managed to sell more than 10 million Galaxy S III models in less than 2 months, but analysts are calm and convinced that even though the situation’s not the best at the moment, it will be great later on.

One of the reasons why iPhone fans are laying low waiting is that the customers are becoming more and more tech-savvy. Which means you can’t offer a person looking for a smartphone whatever model you want. Customers now exactly what they want – they want the latest and the greatest model ever. Therefore, instead of buying iPhone S4, they’re patiently waiting for iPhone 5, presumably to sweep it off the shelves once it comes out.

So, despite the fact that Apple’s sales are experiencing uncharacteristic slump at the moment, I suppose we should wait a see the chaos that will arise once iPhone 5 is out. I mean, even though Apple has not revealed the official release date for their newest gadget, even now “iPhone 5” is mentioned every 11 seconds on Twitter which is one of the biggest micro-blogging websites. It already has an impact that is most likely to make up for the sluggish third quarter sales. Let’s wait and see.


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