How did I get here?

You might ask when you land on a weird website when you certainly have been looking for something else. In such a case it is HIGHLY probably that your computer has been compromised by none the other but Google Redirect Virus. It’s not exactly a virus (I guess it’s called “virus” so that it would sound more terrifying), it’s actually more of a rootkit with features of a Trojan, but by no means does that mean that it’s OK to overlook it. Nope. One has to erase Google Redirect Virus from his/her computer OR ELSE.

I know, I know, you might as well say that I’m trying too hard to terrify you or something, but honestly, Google Redirect Virus is a pesky little bugger that no one wants to have on his operating system. Why? Well, for starters, just as its name says this infection redirect Google searches. In case you are infected, once you click on a search result (say, you have been looking for an apple pie recipe), instead of the page you want, you suddenly find yourself in unfamiliar environment on such pages as, or

From there, you can either get infected by Trojans or rogue antispyware. That would be of no surprise, because Google Redirect Virus takes part in rogue antispyware promotion and is known to be a distributional link of Windows Necessary Firewall, Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 and other similar infections. As far as Google Redirect Virus itself is concerned, this infection is usually caused by various rootkits and Trojans. There is a clear association between this infection and the notorious Trojan Zlob. Also, other TDSS Rookits that cause the infection include Tidserv, Alureon, TrojanSpy:Win32/Chadem.A and alike.

Some users do not want to deal with this infection and allow it stay, because technically it does not infect system files, but hold up there just a second. Whether it infects system files or not, it is still a dangerous threat to the overall system security. Google Redirect Virus is infamous for its ability to make use almost 100% of system resources. So even if you have your system files intact, you will not be able to utilize the system properly, because it will be simply overloaded by Google Redirect Virus.

Probably the trickiest thing about this infection is that it’s capable of hiding itself well. Security programs will hardly pick up that Google Redirect Virus is present in the computer, but it will be everywhere – in the Registry, hosts file and even DNS. There is no other way to get your system back to normal but to remove Google Redirect Virus completely. Since manual removal is a very challenging task (at least I wouldn’t try it with this threat here), probably the most efficient way to get rid of Google Redirect Virus is to terminate it automatically with a reliable security tool. Choose whichever program that suits you best and then be done with it! The sooner the better!


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