Gal S III. Got it already?

Well, do you? Do you? Samsung calls Galaxy S III the “Next Big Thing” and it seems that they’re more than right, because it’s been less than two months since the global S III release and it has already managed to reach 10 million sales. Let me translate that into a decent language – it means that since its release around 190 000 sets have been sold every single day. People certainly aren’t deterred by the price which in case the person does not care about the contract might reach as much as $700.


Although, if I were completely honest with you, this number of sales does not come as a surprise for me. And either does it for Samsung and observers worldwide. Samsung Galaxy S III has been on various wish-lists even before its release given the fact that the phone is packed with multiple features that can impress even the most fastidious customer. And, let’s be honest, most of the people are definitely thrilled at the thought of a new toy. Because in a sense, that’s what Galaxy S III is – an expensive, high-tech toy. Certainly, a toy powerful enough to bring down a nation if you know how to use it, but still. A toy.

Nevertheless, as I was saying, the sales are not surprising at all, given the fact that everyone was eager to get their hands on the new Galaxy as soon as possible, and the overall S III mania was only spurred by rave reviews all over the web. Well, naturally, a phone with a 4.8 inch touchscreen display and the newest Android operating system (with an oncoming update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean). And that’s not it. Currently Galaxy S III is available in pebble blue and marble white, but Samsung hinted that there might be other colors coming soon, so I’d expect the S III craze only to rise in the oncoming months.



So should I get one? It’s kind of tempting really. Very much so.


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