Live Security Platinum Virus. Wait… virus?

Actually Live Security Platinum isn’t a virus, but let’s call it like that for simplicity’s sake. In reality Live Security Platinum is a rogue antispyware program, but a lot of people don’t really understand how grave the situation is unless you say “virus”. So here you go, remove Live Security Platinum virus from your computer or suffer the terrible consequences. Does that sound intimidating enough? I bet no matter how much you emphasize the damage something like this infection can cause there will always be people who just ignore everything and simply allow the rogue to consume their system.

Do you want to be one of them? I guess not. The key in dealing with Live Security Platinum virus is to relax and think clear. If you panic you will allow this rogue to achieve its purpose and it will be even more successful than all the other infection that have come before it (like Smart Protection 2012 or Smart Fortress 2012). And you know, the years go by, but rogue applications still crave for one thing only – money. So when Live Security Platinum virus “kindly” asks you to purchase the license so it could take care of all the viruses that are plaguing your system, stop and think again – is it really them “viruses”? Isn’t it just one “virus”? Naturally, with Live Security Platinum virus along, you are most likely to have a bunch of Trojans or other similar infection, because malware comes in packs. They’re like hyenas. Continue reading


Samsung > Apple

Or so it says. Because apparently Samsung has overtaken Apple in phone shipments according to the data of the second quarter. But, remember when I was talking about people waiting for iPhone 5? Well, that might be one of the reasons why Samsung is doing so good right now. Especially as Samsung has released its Galaxy S III and it has sold more than 10 million copies over the last 2 months.

According to experts the main difference between Samsung and Apple phone models is that Samsung uses the so-called “shotgun” strategy. It means that there are many phone models and each of them covers a wide range of market segments. On the other hand, Apple releases only a small number of high-profile models, and as far as the shipment numbers go, it seems like Samsung’s strategy is taking over at the moment. With Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III Samsung managed to grab 32.6% of the market share, breaking the 50 million unit mark which now becomes a new smartphone quarterly shipment record. Continue reading

Windows Security System puts your PC through a test

I always find it annoying when a computer infection mimics the appearance of a real computer safeguard application. Take Windows Security System for example. It looks very much like Windows Defender Software that is an official legitimate program protecting your computer from unwanted threats. Alas, the appearance is nothing but a farce. Instead of trusting it, you should remove Windows Security System from your computer, because little by little this rogue will destroy one part of your system after another, and at the end of the day you might find your system absolutely ruined. And we definitely would not want that.

The thing is Windows Security System has many ways to infiltrate the target computer. And there’s a whole bunch of users who do not take their computer security seriously. I’m especially frustrated by those who click onto whatever flashy thing they see on the Internet. It’s almost as if they’re those flies lured in by dazzling bait. Have you seen a lamp full of dead flies on a summer night? Lamp = flashing advertisements. Dead flies = users infected with Windows Security System. Don’t be one of them. Continue reading

Tweets all in 1? Where do I sign in?

You know, I’m a Twitter addict and I find myself thinking sometimes how great it would be, if I could browse my tweets or have them stored somewhere, because despite my manias and obsessions, my tweets can tell me what mood I was in on a particular day and so on. It’s like a mini diary only you don’t have to spend much time managing it (as it happens in case you have a blog, well *points at self*). So, what would you know, Twitter has finally announce it that IS working on a specific tool that would allow use to have all our old tweets saved. According to Twitter’s CEO Dick Cotolo, the company is working on a tool that would allow us to have all of our tweets exported. If this works out, we will be able to have our tweets downloaded in a file. Ain’t that neat!

In a sense, Twitter is lagging behind in this area, because if you’re a Facebook user, you can download a file with all of your data already. It’s funny how it works, because even though Twitter itself doesn’t have the function yet, there are various third-party publishers offering applications that would allow you to roam through chunks and pieces of your tweets. You see, as of now, if you use Twitter you can go back only by a couple of thousands of your tweets. But imagine, if you could go back to the very first tweet of yours and then see how your tweets changed over time! Hilarious. And yes, just like I’ve said. Mini diary. Continue reading

How did I get here?

You might ask when you land on a weird website when you certainly have been looking for something else. In such a case it is HIGHLY probably that your computer has been compromised by none the other but Google Redirect Virus. It’s not exactly a virus (I guess it’s called “virus” so that it would sound more terrifying), it’s actually more of a rootkit with features of a Trojan, but by no means does that mean that it’s OK to overlook it. Nope. One has to erase Google Redirect Virus from his/her computer OR ELSE.

I know, I know, you might as well say that I’m trying too hard to terrify you or something, but honestly, Google Redirect Virus is a pesky little bugger that no one wants to have on his operating system. Why? Well, for starters, just as its name says this infection redirect Google searches. In case you are infected, once you click on a search result (say, you have been looking for an apple pie recipe), instead of the page you want, you suddenly find yourself in unfamiliar environment on such pages as, or
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Patience is virtue?

Seems like Apple would not be too eager to agree with the old saying, keeping in mind that the patience of its biggest fans might be the reason behind the slowest profit growth in more than two years. Apply relies a lot of iPhone, because that is its biggest source of revenue. Current models are no longer breaking sensations, so the sales aren’t as satisfying as before. Especially as everyone is eager to get their hands on iPhone 5.The completely redesigned model is said to be released around October and it is already predicted to become the best-selling smartphone.

Let’s do some comparing: Apple sold 35.1 million iPhones in the previous quarter, while the estimated figure for the ongoing quarter is roughly 25.4 million. Naturally, the situation might seem pretty bad, especially considering the fact that Apple’s greatest rival Samsung managed to sell more than 10 million Galaxy S III models in less than 2 months, but analysts are calm and convinced that even though the situation’s not the best at the moment, it will be great later on.
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File Recovery. Translation: System relapse

Don’t you just hate those computer infections that slither into the system unawares and then pop up into your screen saying “Hi! I’m here to save the day! Use me! Use me!”, but in fact they only damage the system and you’re left dealing with a whole bunch of side effects that make you want to tear your hair off? Well, what a surprise, here’s another one – File Recovery. A rogue that you want to remove immediately. Trust me on this. There is nothing promising about this rogue antispyware, because it’s a new version of Data Recovery, and we all know what happened when people got infected with that one, now don’t we?

If you don’t, let me refresh your memory. Data Recovery is a fake defragmenter tool that has been active for quite some time now. There have been a few versions released, and a lot of users got infected just by browsing the Internet. So, File Recovery is no different. It can get into the system via some Trojan, or it might be lurking hidden at some webpage. Personally, I got infected with a fake defragmenter tool once while browsing my blog. I was stalking my followers (bad habit, I know), and some of them were spam accounts, only waiting for the stupid curious user (i.e. me) to click on them. So you land on a random account filled with random stuff, and you think, why on earth are you following me, our interests are totally different. And then OFF IT GOES – the File Recovery infection. It might actually appear as an update to Adobe Flash or a similar application, but believe me, no legitimate update is THAT KEEN on installing itself. So once you click OK, you might as well start looking for an antidote for File Recovery, because it won’t leave you alone until it gets what it wants.

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