Galaxy S III… GIMME!!

I want Galaxy S III!!! Do you, do you, do you?! Even though I probably would not be able to utilize even half of the phone’s functions, I still want it! Perhaps I’m motivated by its design, because it sure corresponds to what I like, or perhaps it’s because I’ve been using the old Galaxy U for years and I want something different… Even if it would cost me an arm and a leg to get it. And add another arm to it. Naturally, when I think about it logically, it’s not like I really NEED Galaxy S III. It’s not like my operator will be able to provide the 4G connection any time soon, and it’s not like I will be making video calls and using the phone to its full capacity. But you know. They just manufacture the phone and make you want it so much, because above all it’s pretty! Well, damn them.


Galaxy S III has just recently been revealed in London, and now this week it’s hitting the stores! The officials say that the phone will be available in Europe starting from tomorrow, and it will also be launched this week in Hong Kong for the test sales, seeing as Hong Kong is the most important test market for Samsung, when they want to check what might be reaction to their production in the mainland China. Overall, it is say that Samsung will be selling Galaxy S III in 145 countries worldwide! Seeing as the phone’s design is so sleek, it’s definitely better looking that Galaxy S II, AND, it goes without saying that the phone is more powerful as well.


With that being said… I would definitely get the phone if it didn’t cost the same as a new ultrabook laptop, and if I could really utilize it to the fullest. But then again, leaving our consumer nature behind, I sometimes look back at all the technological cravings and think, do I really need it all? I mean, any smart phone would do, I can still get a slightly older version of any Galaxy that would work just fine. Why do I really want Galaxy S III so much? After all, next year even this phone will be old news, and we’ll be craving for something even fancier.


What I really need, though, is an external hard drive. There’s only 20GB of free storage space left on my laptop! Of course, I could just delete my HD videos collection, but that would be such a waste now wouldn’t it?


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