A thing from the worst toolbox ever

There’s no telling what System Protection Tools can do do your computer once it is in. Whenever I see that a rogue like that emerges and infects numerous computers around the globe, I get utterly frustrated, because I honestly cannot understand how can one get fooled by the likes of System Protection Tools. As far as I’m concerned, I would delete System Protection Tools from my computer the MOMENT I would notice it popping up on my screen. I mean, what good can come from a program that only wants to steal your money? That’s right – no good whatsoever.


Here a reader would stop me and say: then how on earth am I supposed to remove System Protection Tools when this program blocks my programs?! I can’t open the Internet!! Ah, true that, but when there’s will, there’s always a way, and the same can be applied to the removal of this rogue antispyware program. Even though System Protection Tools does all it can to stop the user from removing it, there is a specific code that allows you to outsmart the rogue. How does it work? It has the same effect as the registration of the rogue. You might have noticed the blue button at the top right corner of System Protection Tools, that says “Activate full protection”. This is how the rogue steals your money. If a user clicks on the button, he is redirecting to the purchase window, where he is asked to provide the registration key. The registration key is issued the moment you reveal your credit card information (i.e. pay) for the rogue.

Obviously, that is not an option, because we don’t want your money to be stolen. But you can make use of the activation key below, that works just light the registration code, and at the same time your executables and the Internet connection will be restored:




Aside from that, registering System Protection Tools will make the annoying security messages disappear:

is suspected to have infected your PC.
This type of virus intercepts entered data and transmits it to a remote server    

System alert
System Protection Tools has detected potentially harmful software in
your system. It is strongly recommended that you register
System Protection Tools to remove all found threats immediately.

Please click “Remove all” button to erase all infected files and protect your PC.


Please note, that the same tactics worked against previous versions of System Protection Tools as well. Best Antivirus Software, Advanced Antimalware Solution, Malware Protection Center – all these rogues could be sedated in the exactly same way. And if they can be neutered in the same way, it means that they all can also be deleted using the same method.


Here you mustn’t hesitate or wait until System Protection Tools regroups and comes back swinging at you in full force. It would be for the best to invest in a computer antimalware program that would erase System Protection Tools from your system immediately. I do realize that for many users System Protection Tools might look like a legitimate computer security program, but it is very far from it, so the sooner you get rid of it, the better.


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