Ultimate headache for $99.90

Ahem. I told you so. Now let me catch my breath here. Remember, when I was talking about Windows ProSecurity Scanner? Well, guess who has a younger brother No. 2. Or 5. Or whichever clone that is now, I’ve lost count. Today we have to deal with Windows Safeguard Upgrade that will protect you from the cyber bugaboos only for $99.90 and your soul… Ha. Naturally, I’m kidding, but paying money for Windows Safeguard Upgrade? Yeah right. I would remove Windows Safeguard Upgrade from my computer before it even managed to say:

Potential malware detected.
It is recommended to activate protection and perform a thorough system scan to remove the malware.

But unfortunately, there are so many computer users around me who go much deeper into this. You know, what’s my all-time favorite excuse? HELP~! MY MOM USED MY COMPUTER AND NOW IT’S FULL OF VIRUSES, HELP~! Yeah right, as if your mom is curious enough to click on something she doesn’t know. I’ll tell you what, my mom would not even think of trusting Windows Safeguard Upgrade. She doesn’t trust anything that wasn’t installed by me or my brother, so you want me to believe that your mom just went and infected your computer with Windows Safeguard Upgrade? Ha! Steer away from the porn sites, kid, perhaps then we could do something about it.

Now, I’m not saying that the porn websites infect the computers with stuff like Windows Safeguard Upgrade. Nah, it’s those advertisements that flash around them exciting pictures. One wrong click and oopsy daisy you’re infected. Since Windows Safeguard Upgrade is a rogue and it only targets the money, some people think that as long as they close the application and don’t pay for it, nothing bad would happen.

Yes, in a sense that is true, that leaving the rogue in the system is not an option. REMOVING is. Why? Well, for starters, even if you do ignore Windows Safeguard Upgrade, it DOES NOT like to be ignored, and the program will definitely gain your attention again, when it throws a firewall warning at you, claiming that your Internet browser is as good as dead, unless you remove the virus that plagues it with Windows Safeguard Upgrade. Pretty neat, isn’t? Making your computer malfunction and then stepping right in to help you deal with these problems.

I’ll tell you how to deal with them problems:


There. The best antidote to Windows Safeguard Upgrade and other similar issues. You copy this code and paste it into the program’s registration page (the very same you have to open when you want to “pay” for this fake anti-virus). Activation works as a good charm, because everything that has been blocked comes back to life. Tadaa~!

However, this is no time to party. Yet. Remember Windows Safeguard Upgrade? Well, the rogue is still in your computer and it can come back anytime. It’s like a hydra that just DOESN’T die. If you want to kill it for real, you need to get yourself a LEGITIMATE antivirus program that will definitely delete Windows Safeguard Upgrade from your system for good. Until the next infection…

The moral of this story? WATCH WHERE YOU’RE CLICKIN’.


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