Pirates plundered

I have to admit. Sometimes when it’s too boring and I have nothing else to do, I do think of going to The Pirate Bay and downloading a movie or two. I mean, there’s nothing better than a show on a gloomy workday night. However, lately we’ve been seeing the signs that foreshadow the end of the era. Now, I don’t advocate illegal downloads, but it’s been getting harder to access it, and recently even The Pirate Bay (TPB) has taken a blow.

The website has experienced a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack for 24 hours in the UK. Even though the website does not know exactly who staged the attack they have “their own suspicions”. Due to the size and the intensity of the attack made the TPB think the hacking group Anonymous was definitely not behind it. Such conviction is based on the fact that Anonymous actually protects these kinds of sites. According to Andre Steward from Corero Network Security, it is more likely that the DDoS has been launched by record labels or a government. They might have been sick of not being able to catch TPB, and so someone with a huge cloud power decided to deal with the website this way.

Since TPB allows users to access copyrighted audio, video and other data for free, it is an obvious copyright breach, although some sources claim that it is very hard to calculate the real impact of TPB on the record sales. The reason behind the attack against TPB could be the government’s frustration, keeping in mind that it had not been able to close it down just like the other torrent sites. Virgin Media, which tried to prevent its users from accessing TPB, has suffered a hack from the Anonymous. However, TPB was not thrilled about it and wrote on its Facebook page that “we believe in the open and free internets, where anyone can express their views. Even if we strongly disagree with them and even if they hate us. So don’t fight them using their ugly methods. DDoS and blocks are both forms of censorship.”

Internet was once a vast space with no rules or regulations. Now it feels like the space is narrowing down and there are less and less nooks to hide. Just like the world is becoming a global village, the Internet boundaries are shrinking as well. Various rules have to be applied and not everyone wants to follow these rules. I guess, we have to wait and see who wins in the end. In the meanwhile, I shall enjoy my movie.


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