A thing from the worst toolbox ever

There’s no telling what System Protection Tools can do do your computer once it is in. Whenever I see that a rogue like that emerges and infects numerous computers around the globe, I get utterly frustrated, because I honestly cannot understand how can one get fooled by the likes of System Protection Tools. As far as I’m concerned, I would delete System Protection Tools from my computer the MOMENT I would notice it popping up on my screen. I mean, what good can come from a program that only wants to steal your money? That’s right – no good whatsoever.


Here a reader would stop me and say: then how on earth am I supposed to remove System Protection Tools when this program blocks my programs?! I can’t open the Internet!! Ah, true that, but when there’s will, there’s always a way, and the same can be applied to the removal of this rogue antispyware program. Even though System Protection Tools does all it can to stop the user from removing it, there is a specific code that allows you to outsmart the rogue. How does it work? It has the same effect as the registration of the rogue. You might have noticed the blue button at the top right corner of System Protection Tools, that says “Activate full protection”. This is how the rogue steals your money. If a user clicks on the button, he is redirecting to the purchase window, where he is asked to provide the registration key. The registration key is issued the moment you reveal your credit card information (i.e. pay) for the rogue.

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Galaxy S III… GIMME!!

I want Galaxy S III!!! Do you, do you, do you?! Even though I probably would not be able to utilize even half of the phone’s functions, I still want it! Perhaps I’m motivated by its design, because it sure corresponds to what I like, or perhaps it’s because I’ve been using the old Galaxy U for years and I want something different… Even if it would cost me an arm and a leg to get it. And add another arm to it. Naturally, when I think about it logically, it’s not like I really NEED Galaxy S III. It’s not like my operator will be able to provide the 4G connection any time soon, and it’s not like I will be making video calls and using the phone to its full capacity. But you know. They just manufacture the phone and make you want it so much, because above all it’s pretty! Well, damn them. Continue reading

Another onslaught of stupid

You know, just when you think that things are getting better, they go back to where they used to be, and it literally makes me want to “face-palm” myself, as in “what did I tell you”. I’m not much of a preacher but I do remember saying BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU CLICK ON, but it didn’t go well, because I see people now being infected with Windows Pro Safety. I honestly want to add a frustrated emoticon into this article. Before I say anything else, remove Windows Pro Safety while you can, otherwise, boy, you are in trouble.

Now why would I be so frustrated about something like Windows Pro Safety, and what on earth is it? It’s exactly the same piece of unwanted software as Windows Safeguard Upgrade and Windows ProSecurity Scanner. I say “EXACTLY”, because it is true – Windows Pro Safety is a direct clone of the previously mentioned rogues. So what can we deduce when I see that Windows Pro Safety is a clone of other rogue antispyware? That’s right, it inflicts the same damage upon the user’s computer and it tries to do the same thing to you – steal your money.
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Tweet and you’re OFF

Do you use Twitter? Because I sure do. I’m an addict! So much it interferes with everything I do. Scratch that, tweeting IS everything I do. But imagine what would happen if you couldn’t access Twitter. I would sure go insane, unable to check the latest news on my favorite things. If you’re in Pakistan, however, you might experience a block every now and then.  Just recently the Pakistani authorities have “unblocked” Twitter. The block lasted for a few hours, and the authorities have block the social mediate website because they thought the messages posted on Twitter were “offensive to Islam”.

That is very interesting, because I have quite a few Muslim friends on Twitter, and all of them simply adore the website. On the other hand, the website might have been responsible for posting offensive content, but no one knows what it was that set the Pakistani authorities off. Allegations claim that it happened because of tweets about a 2010 competition on Facebook that required submitting images depicting the Prophet Muhammad, while Islam forbids images of the prophet. The Twitter ban was lifted on Sunday, May 20th by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority. Continue reading

Ultimate headache for $99.90

Ahem. I told you so. Now let me catch my breath here. Remember, when I was talking about Windows ProSecurity Scanner? Well, guess who has a younger brother No. 2. Or 5. Or whichever clone that is now, I’ve lost count. Today we have to deal with Windows Safeguard Upgrade that will protect you from the cyber bugaboos only for $99.90 and your soul… Ha. Naturally, I’m kidding, but paying money for Windows Safeguard Upgrade? Yeah right. I would remove Windows Safeguard Upgrade from my computer before it even managed to say:

Potential malware detected.
It is recommended to activate protection and perform a thorough system scan to remove the malware.

But unfortunately, there are so many computer users around me who go much deeper into this. You know, what’s my all-time favorite excuse? HELP~! MY MOM USED MY COMPUTER AND NOW IT’S FULL OF VIRUSES, HELP~! Yeah right, as if your mom is curious enough to click on something she doesn’t know. I’ll tell you what, my mom would not even think of trusting Windows Safeguard Upgrade. She doesn’t trust anything that wasn’t installed by me or my brother, so you want me to believe that your mom just went and infected your computer with Windows Safeguard Upgrade? Ha! Steer away from the porn sites, kid, perhaps then we could do something about it. Continue reading

Pirates plundered

I have to admit. Sometimes when it’s too boring and I have nothing else to do, I do think of going to The Pirate Bay and downloading a movie or two. I mean, there’s nothing better than a show on a gloomy workday night. However, lately we’ve been seeing the signs that foreshadow the end of the era. Now, I don’t advocate illegal downloads, but it’s been getting harder to access it, and recently even The Pirate Bay (TPB) has taken a blow.

The website has experienced a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack for 24 hours in the UK. Even though the website does not know exactly who staged the attack they have “their own suspicions”. Due to the size and the intensity of the attack made the TPB think the hacking group Anonymous was definitely not behind it. Such conviction is based on the fact that Anonymous actually protects these kinds of sites. According to Andre Steward from Corero Network Security, it is more likely that the DDoS has been launched by record labels or a government. They might have been sick of not being able to catch TPB, and so someone with a huge cloud power decided to deal with the website this way. Continue reading

Windows ProSecurity Scanner – a definite preposition mix-up

Surprise, surprise! Once you think that it cannot get any worse, well… you’re wrong! It does. I thought I will be able to catch my breath here for a few days, but no, that’s not happening, because I see Windows ProSecurity Scanner and I know what’s coming next. Trouble. Lots and lots of trouble. Unless you remove Windows Prosecurity Scanner in time, you might as well start saving your money (oh you’ll need that, especially if the rogue goes all the way down to its main objective) for a new operating system.

I think I’ve written about Smart HDD before and Windows ProSecurity Scanner works on a similar principle, it’s just that although it is a rogue antispyware, it’s not a fake defragmenter tool; it’s a fake antivirus program. That should ring an alarm bell or two, because fake antivirus programs are distinguished scoundrels that duplicate the appearance of a real thing. If we take a look at Windows ProSecurity Scanner we will see that it blatantly copies Windows XP’s explorer interface, and of course, anyone who is not that sharp with computers is bound to believe that Windows ProSecurity Scanner is the real deal. The same trick worked with the previous versions as well, be it Windows Advanced User Patch or Windows Safety Module. You would be shocked to see the SIZE of the whole clone list were I to provide you with one.
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