Smart HDD is not for the Smart

So it happens that your computer runs slower than the usual. Normally you and I would think that it is caused by way too many processes running in the system, or by overcrowded hard-drive and, naturally, one of the ways to improve system performance is to defragment the drive. There are many tools that help you do it, but Smart HDD is definitely not one of them. If you have it, you must erase Smart HDD from your computer immediately, because you have no idea how much trouble this program can cause. Or perhaps you do.

So what is Smart HDD? To put it simply, it is a fake computer optimization program. It pretends to be a system defragmenter tool that can optimize your computer performance, but in fact it is a dangerous infection, which has been created to steal your money. Now you might wonder how it is possible for something like Smart HDD to steal your money. Actually, everything is quite simple – since Smart HDD looks and behaves like the real deal a lot of inexperienced users get fooled by this program. And when something like Smart HDD says that your computer is in danger and you need to purchase the full version of the program, a lot of users plunge into the trap without any second thought.

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